PokeDex Nr: #3
PokeDex EXP: 0 Experience Points
Legendary: No
Type: Grass Poison
Status: Aggressive
Evolutions: None
Strong against: Water Rock Ground Grass
Weak Against: Fire Flying Ice Psychic
Description: After a rainy day, the flower on its back smells stronger. The scent attracts other Pokémon.
Field Notes:
Location: Bulbasaur Island
Loot: Bag of Polem (semi-rare), Bulb (rare), Leaves, Meadow Plate (very rare), (0-70) Seed.

Move Level Cooldown Status
Bullet Seed 80
Headbutt 80
Leech Seed 80
Poison Powder 80
Razor Leaf 80
Sleep Powder 80
Solar Beam 80
Stun Spore 80
Quick Attack 80
Vine Whip 80
Leaf Storm 90
Abilities Status
Cut Free Account

Level EXP NPC Price Player Price Diamond Player Price Pearl

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