Name: Scarlett's Quest
Also known as:
Level required: 25
Premium required: No
Location: Celadon
Requirements: 25 Bag of Polem's
Reward: 20 HD
Be prepared to face: Bellsprout
Legend: ...


  1. Go to Celadon and talk to Scarlett.
  2. She is next to the Pokemon Center and delivered the 25 Bag of Polem's.

Scarlett's Quest1

Transcript 1:
Scarlett: Hello!
Player: mission
Scarlett: My butterfree cant fly anymore, nurse joy tell me to get some items but i have no time, can you do it for me? bring me 25 bag of polems.
Player: Yes
Scarlett: I hope you can bring me back these items, i will give you a reward. Good luck.

Transcript 2:
Scarlett: Hello!
Player: Mission
Scarlett: You are back!, did you find the items?
Player: Yes

  • Player Get's The Quest Reward

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