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As you can see I'm working on the site adding various content. What's needed to be done right now is a full PokeDex and later Quests, and last Items.
Due to we can press "What links here" and find out where the item maybe found and what quest's uses it.
On the front page at the right menu, you will find:"Getting started guide"

You must use those templates in order to create anything. (Special templates to make everything show up automatically on the right places on the website/dex)
Yes Im well aware of that all templates are not up yet of all pokemon "types".
But they will come up tomorrow. as Im moving on to complete quests templates.
It's basically, (Copy and Paste that code), and fill in the blanks after the = signs. (Not really hard)

Simply make a reply/post in here after me.

With the link to one of your monsters and to your "My Talk" page, found at upper right corner. (your username after logging in to the site.)

So I know who to make admin!

Once you are admin, you can edit locked pages as well, to fix minor spelling errors etc, to improve the site and add content.
Locked pages are not to be abused, they are locked for a reason, and shall never be unlocked.

Hope we can get a real sub-forum on PAdventures later to get the whole community helping in adding content! :)



Is there any way I could get admin rights?

I had a PA wiki before, but never completed it. I have got a list of all cooldown times, loot rates and much more useful things for the wiki.

Kind Regards,

ThorPA 19:11, May 26, 2011 (UTC)

ThorPA Edit

Admin right will be given to those I see contribute and do good to the site later once the site is out of beta stage. :) we want the right persons on our team.

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