PokeDex Nr: #29
PokeDex EXP: 0 Experience Points
Legendary: No
Type: Poison
Status: Passive
Evolutions: Evolves to Nidorina at Level 20
Strong against: Grass, Bug
Weak Against: Ground, Rock, Ghost
Description: While it does not prefer to fight, even one drop of the poison it secretes from barbs can be fatal.
Field Notes:
Strategy: If you are hunting it with example: Gastly, Block it's way to move, then she can't lay any poisonous hit.
Loot: Nail

Move Level Cooldown Status
Bite level 3 Active
Quick Attack level 3 Active
Horn Attack level 5 Active
Poison Sting level 7 Active
Poison Fang level 10 Active
Abilities Status
Dig Free Account

Level EXP NPC Price Player Price Diamond Player Price Pearl

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