Malewarebytes is a strong virus scanner that everyone should have installed.
Even if you have: AVG Antivurs / NOD32 / Norton / Kaspersky etc programs.
It can detect things that those programs does not detect.

Use the free version!
You may scan your computer for free and delete viruses for free!
The only difference between the paid version is that you get some more protection options that you normaly don't need, and it blocks a number of websites that does not need to be blocked!
Additionally the free version works great with any installed "Main antivirus program" you already got, since it does not interfere with them in any way. And it's not a trial version, so it can be use as many times as you wish.

  1. Download & install the Free Version:
  2. Run the update! So you have the latest virus definitions.
  3. Run a Full System Scan and mark all "tick-boxes" that comes up in the new window.
  4. Once the scan is done, a text message/log will appear for you to view. (You may close that)
    Now on the bottem right corner in the program will be a text saying "Show Results" if there is an viruses. (Press it)
  5. Now you can un-select any item you believe is not a virus & press the button "Remove Selected" to delete any virus it have found.
    If it tells you to reboot the computer, do it right away.