PokeDex Nr: #141
PokeDex EXP: Experience Points
Legendary: No
Type: Rock
Status: Aggressive
Evolutions: None
Strong against: Bug, Flying, Ice, Fire
Weak Against: Grass, Electric, Fighting, Earth
Description: It is thought that this Pokémon came onto land because its prey adapted to life on land.
Field Notes: It has Rock, Normal, Water, Grass, and Ground attack.
Location: Dueling in Fighting for pride Quest.
Strategy: Beat it with a level 80+ Victreebel or a 80+ Machamp.
Loot: Small Stone, Stone Orb, Rock Plate

Move Level Cooldown Status
Scratch 65 Active
Bubble 65 Active
Slash 65 Active
Fury Cutter 67 Active
Mud Shot 65 Active
Harden 65 Active
Ancient Power 65 Active
Mega Drain Any Passive
Abilities Status
Dive Premium Account
Cut Free Account
Surf Premium Account
Rock Smash Free Account
Minning Free Account

Level EXP NPC Price Player Price Diamond Player Price Pearl

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