In-Game Questions

How do I attack??

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Is a male stronger then a female Pokemon?

No, they are equally as strong in attack rate and in defense rate!
Admin's have confirmed this several times. Male and female is just for egg usage.
"22:13 [GM] Atrad: Remember, there is no difference between male and female pokemons, neither in catch rate."
Link to Official Forum with reply from Koob

Game & Client Questions

List of all In-Game Client Commands

Description Command
Auto-Loot Commands
Turns on the autoloot function. /autoloot on
Turns off the autoloot function. /autoloot off
Adds a new item to your loot list, ex: /aloot add:2685 /aloot add:ItemID
Removes a item from your loot list, ex: /aloot remove:2685 /aloot remove:ItemID
Cleans your autoloot list. /aloot clean
Shows your current list of autoloot. /aloot check
Pokemon Commands
Command to bring out your 6 Pokemon's /release 0 - 5
Turn your Pokemon North/South/East/West t1 - t4
Guild Commands
Create a Guild (Level 30 required & Premium Account) !createguild GuildName
Join a Guild !joinguild GuildName

Official Website Questions

Why can't I send Private Messages? (Pm's)

You need 15 post's on the forum in order to do that.

Why can't I add link's to my post?

You need 20 post's on the forum in order to do that.

"Hacked/Virus" Questions

What can I do to not get hacked/receive a virus?

  1. Don't download anything else then the client!
  2. People who claim to be resellers of diamonds / Have "virus free cheats" are scam attempts to either get your account or In-Game items, or enter a virus filled website. DO NOT ENTER THOSE WEBSITES!
  3. Don't enter any website's that are not listen in Fansites/Other.
  4. Scan downloaded files with and (Highly recommended to avoid keyloggers!)
  5. Read both our Malwarebytes Guide and Spybot - Search & Destroy Guide.
    These scans are needed if you believe you are already infected!
  6. And if you do not have a standard main antivirus program installed on your computer, use Microsoft Security Essentials (It's free).

I've gotten my account stolen/hacked, what do I do?

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