PokeDex Nr: #10
PokeDex EXP: 50 Experience Points
Legendary: No
Type: Bug
Status: Passive
Evolutions: Evolves to Metapod at Level 10
Strong against: Psychic, Grass type pokemon.
Weak Against: Fire, Rock or Flying type pokemon.
Description: It is covered with a green skin. When it grows, it sheds the skin, covers itself with silk, and becomes a cocoon.
Field Notes: Defeat it with any pokemon.
Location: Around all Kanto
Strategy: No strategy needed.
Loot: Pot of Moss Bug and Caterpies Horn

Move Level Cooldown Status
Headbutt 1 10 sec Active
String Shot 5 15 sec Active
Bug Bite 5 10 sec Active
Abilities Status
None None
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Level EXP NPC Price Player Price Diamond Player Price Pearl

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