PokeDex Nr: #24
PokeDex EXP: 0 Experience Points
Legendary: No
Type: Poison
Status: Aggressive
Evolutions: None
Strong against: Grass
Weak Against: Psychic, Ground
Description: The pattern on its belly appears to be a frightening face. Weak foes will flee just at the sight of the pattern.
Field Notes: Two or more Arboks can make nasty combos, specially with the fear skill
Location: Celadon Swamp, Fuchsia Swamp
Strategy: Just kill them fast, and avoid the mass luring
Loot: Bottle of Poison, Toxic Plate(very rare)

Move Level Cooldown Status
Bite 30 10 sec Active
Poison Fang 30 15 sec Active
Sting Gun 30 15 sec Active
Pin Missile 35 20 sec Active
Acid 30 15 sec Active
Iron Tail 40 18 sec Active
Fear 30 30 sec Active
Rage 32 32 sec Active
Abilities Status
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Level EXP NPC Price Player Price Diamond Player Price Pearl

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